Is your child
facing difficulty in
learning English?
Don’t worry,
we are here to help!

Is your child
struggling to write
basic English sentences?
Or long complex essays?

With e.LT International English, your child will learn how to write good compositions. Lessons are taught step-by-step and tier-by-tier in digestible chunks. Your child will learn to link their grammar knowledge with writing.

Is your child too shy
to speak in English?
Or unable to
communicate in English?

e.LT International English will start your child with basic daily conversations and progress to improved group discussions and mastery of stage presentations. Lessons are taught with tips and guides in various speaking formats. Your child will build a skillset to be eloquent speakers like the leaders of the world!

Does your child find
reading challenging?
Unable to understand or
pronounce English words?

e.LT International English comes with thematically driven stories that instil a deep reading culture. The reading texts make use of unique characters, idioms and a vast array of vocabulary. Your child will be hooked on the richness of the English Language in no time!