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How can e.LT International English help your child?

e.LT International English provides a step-by-step learning pathway that integrates Q-dees’ famously proven Link & Think Methodology. Complex learning is made simple and fun for your child with our interactive classes.

Begin a comfortable
learning journey with
care and support.

Classes are catered and designed to your child’s own level of understanding and capabilities. Your child will learn English comfortably and have an enjoyable stress-free time.

Enhanced learning journey with our specially designed 5 Integrated Components.

Learning English in isolation is hard, but we have a formula to make it easy for your child! The secret recipe is to integrate the English components. Components such as grammar and writing are integrated to make writing compositions excellent and easy to master.

Make the learning
journey easy through
online classes or at
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Your child can choose to learn English in an online class or at a physical centre near you.

Benchmarked against International Standards to pave the way for your child’s English mastery

We have tailored each module to your child’s proficiency level so that they can learn the best at their best capacity.

• e.LT International English is benchmarked against international standards.
• CEFR* is a globally recognised guideline to measure the proficiency of second language learners.
*The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Fun, interactive and
concise English lessons



Fun Learning

Learning English has never been
this easy and interesting!

We help your child to master the English language with ease through our step-by-step and Link & Think methodology made exclusively for your child!

What parents say about us

Natasha Ng’s parent
Age 7

My daughter, Natasha, enjoys attending
online classes at e.LT because the
teachers are friendly and patient. The
cherry on top is that the lessons are fun,
interactive and not boring at all!

Sanjith Mohan Raj’s parent
Age 6

Teachers at e.LT give their 110% in
ensuring that students of different
academic backgrounds can meet
their learning objectives.

Muhammad Zafran Zahul Hamid’s parent
Age 9

I see great improvements in my
son’s reading abilities ever since he
joined e.LT. I’m also pleased that
he gets to interact with his teacher
and friends during lessons.

Interested in a future
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