Highly Trained

Our teachers are qualified, experienced and trained to provide the best learning experience for your child

Rigorous process
of screening

Qualified and
experienced teachers

Lesson materials
produced by
knowledgeable and
competent writers

Only the cream
of the crop are
hired to conduct
and teach lessons

Our Teachers

— Teacher Aisyah

I love to work with students and to help them learn and grow. e.LT is the most rewarding opportunity that I have had as an educator.

— Teacher Anusha

The teacher in me finds so much joy in this job! I have been teaching some of my students for more than four years, and I’ve built real connections with my students, and their families. I love these kids.

— Teacher Allyssa

I love the connection between teachers and students. Though I prepare for every class, I love the e.LT programme. All I have to do is bring my own “magic” to the lessons.