interactive class/
Physical class
with a teacher

Our Approach


Self-Directed Learning

Students are given short videos (5–10 mins), podcasts, and/or learning materials to study before class. They can review the materials at any point in time for revision.


Teacher-Directed Learning

Classes are facilitated in real time by a teacher with ample interaction, engagement, and collaborative work. Students take part in discussions, presentations and learning based activities with their peers and the teacher. Worksheets may also form part of the lesson that students complete within a time frame.


Reinforcement and Consolidation

Incorporating online reinforcement and consolidation to ensure understanding and mastery of the subject matter taught in the class which may include:

A) Revision lessons and exercises
B) Assignments and projects

Fundamental Interactive Engagement

Classes are carried out by experienced teachers who are well equipped with the knowledge to engage students in a fun-filled environment driven by multimedia, games, collaborative projects, role play and many more!